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Tennessee Performance Volleyball

our story

Founded in August 2017,  Tennessee Performance is led by our Director, Dan Dierking and supportive staff.  TPV focuses on each athletes’ future, stewarding them to become the best version of themselves. Generating a family dynamic where ALL athletes support one another, Tennessee Performance prides itself on fostering an environment which allows everyone to maximize individual areas of improvement all while implementing a volleyball culture that will have continual growth in Middle Tennessee.

from the beginning

We believe in the master coach philosophy which emphasizes technical consistency from our 10’s to our 18’s

We believe each athlete should be competent in all volleyball skill sets and teammate responsibilities 

We believe periodized training beginning immediately after school ball enhances player skill development and team success

We believe highly structured time in the gym fosters work ethic which transfers to the classroom and future life situations

We believe the family is our customer but the player must take ownership of her own individual development through enhanced communication skills